Madewell Denim Road Trip Hits Lawrence, KS on May 3rd

The Madewell Denim Road Trip is an awsome example of a unique Pop Up experience that engages consumers and creates new customers relatively close to the location of their brand new brick and mortar store in Leawood, KS.

The company overview for Madewell says, quite simply, “We’re jeans makers since 1937 and so much more (head to toe, we’ve got it all). Think of us as your best friend and personal stylist, all rolled into one.” It is inspiring to see a 75 year old company reinvent itself so well through social media.  I visited the new store and checked out their impressive selection of jeans, colorful tops and accessories and can’t wait to visit the denim truck when the denim road trip comes to Lawrence, KS on May 3rd. You can join in the fun and follow along at

So what exactly is a denim road trip, anyway? It’s a vintage Airstream trailer from the 1970s stocked with lots of denim pants and shorts as well as shirts, tanks, and tees. You can try on apparel and also have your picture taken for Madewell’s Facebook page.  A selection of scarves, shoes and other accessories will be available along with personal stylists to assist in putting your look together.

Say you visit the denim truck, try some clothes on, check out some accessories, and really like what you see.  Where do you go to buy them? Online. You can have them sent directly to your home or office address.  And the next time you’re looking for something denim inspired or that really cool accessory you saw on the denim truck, you can shop at the new Madewell store in Leawood Town Center.  A coincidence? I don’t think so. – Gustie

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  1. It would help with my schedule to know when and where this truck will be at and is there any more information around? Thx.

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