Join Our Fall DisruptShop

Join our Fall DisruptShop

We host DisruptShop: Get to Know Disruptive Retail in the Theater of the Microsoft Store at Boca Town Center, Boca Raton, FL. In each engaging and educational DisruptShop, we take you on an exciting digital journey that explores Disruptive Retail.

From the early trends that have become common ways of retailing in our ever-growing direct to consumer world, to the new ways impassioned entrepreneurs and retailers are finding to delight and engage clients and customers, we present to you how Disruptive Retail is forever changing our shopping expectations, habits, and patterns.

Our DisruptShops are a free overview to give a deeper understanding of today’s retail environment. You will learn how Disruptive Retail can benefit your brand, business, agency, or non-profit.

Our Fall schedule of dates will be posted soon.

Cheers to Disruptive Retail!


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